With a Touch of Jazz / This is Belgian Chocolate

Musée René Magritte Museum (Jette)

The two collections of abstract and surrealist art surrounding Magritte reveal themselves through some exquisite jazz music thanks to the talent of saxophonist Jordi Groguard, followed by a poetic performance “This is Belgian chocolate” by Philip Meersman!

Duration: 2h

4/10 : “Sur un Air de Jazz” + “This is Belgian Chocolate”

7/11 : “Sur un Air de Jazz” + Visite guidée Musée d’Art Abstrait

Partner(s) : Jordi Groguard / Philip Meersman

Musée René Magritte Museum (Jette)
Rue Esseghemstraat 135
1090 Jette

About the exhibition

House where René Magritte (1898-1967) lived and worked from 1930 to 1954, which shows the apartment of the painter as it used to be, as well as watercolours, drawings and paintings, and hundreds of personal documents, photographs and letters.

+ Museum of Abstract Art

The Museum of Abstract Art is the first one in Belgium and the fourth in the world. It is located right to the house in Jette were René Magritte lived for many years. Nowadays, both buildings are connected with each other. The museum shows mainly Belgian, abstract art. The collection consists of more than 750 works a third of which will be shown permanently. 



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