Nous formons un monde magique – Topochorégraphie

Spontaneous Art Museum

We have our body, several bodies even, a beautiful garden, a compass, north, south, east and west: everything is in place! Topo-choreography is a poetic form of topography in which the body reveals space. Dance becomes line and map, mind becomes intuition, fantasy and reality playfully intertwine. This workshop consists of exchanges that center respect for the space and the people around us. The workshop will be followed by a performance by the artist and a delicious snack.


Duration: 1h30

Partner(s) : Stéphanie Auberville

Spontaneous Art Museum
Rue de la Constitution 27 Grondwetstraat
1030 Bruxelles/Brussels

About the exhibition


… Paintings by Martine Van Couteren and wood sculpture by Paul Jenné



16h30 (FR / EN)

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