Sur les Traces des Taupes

WIELS – Centre for Contemporary Art

This activity only takes place in French.

As part of the exhibition “Risquons-tout!”, the artist Lise Duclaux will take you on an urban nature tour around WIELS, in search of mole tracks! It doesn’t get much more underground than this.


Duration: 1h

Partner(s) : Lise Duclaux

WIELS – Centre for Contemporary Art
Avenue Van Volxemlaan 354
1190 Bruxelles / Brussel

About the exhibition


Risquons-Tout explores the potential of risk that challenges the homogenization of thought in the now infamous echo chambers of our overcrowded info-sphere.

Risquons-Tout is an ambitious, thematic group exhibition that aspires to present some of the most innovative and influential artists and authors living and working today in the Eurocore region, from Amsterdam to Brussels, Cologne, Düsseldorf, London and Paris. The title is borrowed from a place located on the Belgian-French border, a real yet liminal space of transition, of passage, of informal exchanges, notably smuggling. The invited artists negotiate different dynamics of bridging, passing, translating and transgressing. In doing so they burst the safe bubbles generated by prediction algorithms.

The exhibition’s geographic and political scope addresses today’s global connectivity, trans-national circulation and diasporic movements.Risquons-Tout will also include a performative section and an Open School that will serve as a laboratory for artists and scholars to draw upon the questions addressed in the exhibition through a range of alternative methods for the transmission of knowledge. 

With this project, WIELS’ aim is to help the European capital, Brussels, to develop artistic tools and cultural policies capable of addressing the issues and paradoxes of today.

This is a second of a series of triennial exhibitions launched by WIELS in 2017 with The Absent Museum, made possible by the generous support of the Willame Foundation and the WIELS patrons.Risquons-Tout is curated by Dirk Snauwaert in collaboration with co-curators Zoë Gray and Devrim Bayar, associate curator Helena Kritis for the performative section, and Sofia Dati as curatorial assistant.

The programme of the Open School will be developed in collaboration with Intersections of Care, Hotel Hippocampus and the School of Thinking (VUB).




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