Sofie’s World – Beer Tasting

Museum of the Belgian Brewers

Enjoy the exceptional setting of the Council Room of the Brewers’ Museum on the Grand Place and learn all about the special character of Belgian beers. In this tasting workshop you will have the opportunity to taste several beers but above all share the passion and inexhaustible enthusiasm of Sofie’s World. Before the workshop you will be shown around the museum and the Brewery House by Dominique Janssens and you will learn everything about the breweries, the stories and the traditions that make Belgian beer our national pride and joy.


Duration: 2h

Partner(s) : Sofie’s World

Museum of the Belgian Brewers
Grand-Place 10 Grote Markt
1000 Bruxelles/Brussel

About the exhibition

The rich tradition of Belgian beer is kept alive at the Museum of the Belgian Brewers. Visitors are shown implements, brewing and fermentation tubs, a boiling kettle and the material found in an 18th-century brewery.

In this center of high technology, the tradition of brewers is put at the service of the future. The cosy café from the Museum wouldn’t be complete without bringing back memories of days gone by though: old tankards, antique porcelain and the paraphernalia from an inn of the past illustrate what doubtless deserves to be called “Belgian Beer Culture”.



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