Le Dehors au-dedans – Image Workshop

Cauchie House

This family workshop lets the imagination of your child(ren) merge with the Art Nouveau architecture and landscapes. The artist Virginie Litzler wants to create a collective work that plays with the view through the windows of the Cauchie House. Shapes, shadows, colours: it’s all about seeing things differently by reconstructing the outside from the inside. 

Important: this intergenerational workshop is reserved for child(ren) and parent(s) of the same family. From 6 to 12 years old.


Duration: 2h

Partner(s) : Virginie Litzler

Cauchie House
Rue des Francs 5 Frankenstraat
1040 Bruxelles/Brussels

About the exhibition

Art Nouveau house of the architect and interior designer Paul Cauchie, exhibiting documents, photographs, original pieces of furniture and paintings by the man himself.

In 1905, architect and decorator Paul Cauchie (1875-1952) draws the plans to build his very own house. This one represents an exceptional example of an architecture inspired by the Glasgow school and differing from the plant-like lines of the Brussels’ Art Nouveau. As such, the aesthetic of the house allies perfect symmetry, verticality and geometry. Paul Cauchie created hundreds of sgraffiti in Belgium. For his house, the artist literally surpassed himself. Today, the cellar and the artist’s workshop in the basement house hosts a vast gallery presenting paintings by Paul Cauchie and his wife Lina.



10h00 (FR)

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14h00 (NL / EN)

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