La Belgique, c’est plus marrant en chantant

BELvue Museum

This activity is only given in French and Dutch.

During the tour “La Belgique c’est plus marrant en chantant” (Belgium is more fun when sung) you will discover Belgian history through (non-)Belgian songs that have made us who we are. Raise your most beautiful -or falsest- voice and join the guide in belting out De Internationale, the Brabançonne, Sandra Kim, Sttellla, Rocca Granata. Allez allez, just admit you’ve always secretly wanted to sing in a museum.

This tour is a first, made especially for COME♡BACK.


Duration: 1h30

Partner(s) : Beguided asbl / vzw

BELvue Museum
Place des Palais 7 Paleizenplein
1000 Bruxelles/Brussels

access for persons with reduced mobility

About the exhibition

Comès. Of Shadow and Silence

Didier Comès is one of the major authors of Belgian comics, a master of black and white and fantasy. His stories, populated by outsiders (dwarfs, mentally ill, disabled …), bring out of the shadows these excluded from society in order to restore their dignity and normalcy. The exhibition will highlight this aspect.



18h00 (NL)

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18h30 (FR)

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