Kim, the little black chick

International Puppet Museum – Peruchet

The originally planned show “Awakening the little dragon” unfortunately had to be replaced, but rest assured: “Kim, the little black chick”, a show by Figurentheater Vlinders & Co voted Best Children’s Show at the Animart festival in Lodz (20017, Poland) and at the international Petrushka festival, is at least as fascinating!

Amid many yellow chickens one little black chicken is born.. The chicken is immediately convinced that he is from another ‘nest’ is than the rest, and he is not accepted by  the farmer.  Which the yellow ones accept like their papa. So he goes in search of his true ‘black’ papa. Unfortunately, that is not with the dogs, cats, pigs … Does he belong somewhere in? With the cunning fox perhaps, which after all is overjoyed  to meet the little black chicken. Kim can find a family? A story with twists and turns, a surprising ending, funny situations … lots of music and only 2 real words …

International: Kim the little black chicken was azlready performed in : China, Poland, Turkey, Thailand and The Netherlands

ideal +2,5 yo

Partner(s) : Figurentheater Vlinders & Co

International Puppet Museum – Peruchet
Avenue de la Forêt 50 Woudlaan
1050 Bruxelles / Brussel

access for persons with reduced mobility

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