In sync with the “Inspire” exhibition, ISELP and the organisation Made in Kit let you experiment with a very old sunlight printing technique: the cyanotype. Paper, a little chemistry, light, water, time and a lot of creativity will be the ingredients to explore all the shades of blue! 

The workshop is for children (upon reservation with a participation of 4 € per child). During the workshop, parents can visit the exhibition for free.


Duration: 2h

Partner(s) : Made in kit

Boulevard de Waterloo 31 Waterloo Boulevard
1000 Bruxelles/Brussel

About the exhibition


What other temporalities can artworks offer us? The works presented in this exhibition, which come from an inspiration unique to the artists, enable us to appreciate the passing of time in its proper light and to fully grasp its intensity.                                                              

Beginning with a questioning of standardised time (Maarten Vanden Eynde, Edith Dekyndt), Inspire will move on to creations displaying a slower, more organic temporality (Wolfgang Laib, Fabrice Samyn, Elise Peroi, Suchan Kinoshita, David Claerbout), then open (Manon de Boer) to show works evolving over the space and time of the exhibition (F&D Cartier, collectif muesli, Noémie Goldberg/Nogold) in order to test how time resonates with our experience. A salutary anchor point, a conscious pause or slowing down, out of the current, in order to reveal other underlying rhythms such as the one that is triggered within us from the first inspiration and that sets the pace of our existence.

On the agenda: an exhibition as well as a programme of conferences, performances, screenings, debates and meetings. These will introduce different notions of time, all attempting to escape controlled and codified time to offer a less rational, more natural temporality.

Music by Valérie Leclercq, Jean D.L. and Alice Hebborn as well as poetry and education will feed into this visitor experience to create space for discussion around the exhibited works.



14h00 (FR / EN)

Sold out


14h00 (FR / EN)

Sold out