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Are you tired of sitting at home, too? Are you, just like Kid Paddle, a little too absorbed in video games and do you have to stretch those stiff muscles? Professeur Postérieur coaches your buttocks back into shape with her amazing SPROT course. A hilarious sweat session for all ages.

Bring a gym mat and a towel!


Duration: 1h00


Partner(s) : Professeure Postérieur

Belgian Comic Strip Center
Rue des Sables 20 Zandstraat
1000 Bruxelles / Brussel

About the exhibition

The Art of Comic Strip

Like other art disciplines such as literature or cinema, comic strip art is a mode of expression which manifests itself in many ways, through very different genres, styles and formats, for a variety of audiences.

“The Art of Comic Strip” therefore proposes to explore the comic strip in all its forms, from the creative process to the range of genres that constitute the European comic strip today.

Juanjo Guarnido, the Workshop Secrets of a Master

Famous for his amazing series Blacksad, Juanjo Guarnido is an author whose artistic talent soon swept him to foreign shores.

He was born in Spain in 1967, and he has been passionately drawing since his early childhood. After studying at the School of Fine Arts in Granada, and following numerous collaborations in fanzines, he worked on television series in Madrid and later became part of the animation team at the Walt Disney studios in Montreuil on the outskirts of Paris. He worked hand in glove with the scriptwriter Juan Diaz Canales to create his first comic book entitled ‘Quelque part entre les ombres’ [Somewhere between the shadows], which in the USA is simply called Blacksad (Dargaud, 2000), in which he plunges the reader right into the heart of the USA of the 1950s and into the investigations of the private detective John Blacksad. To date, this animal-based series has been translated into several languages and has a huge following. Guarnido excels in watercolour drawings and in creating ambiances. Whether this be set in a dark dank alley or in the bright sunshine of New Orleans, this master’s brushes simply do wonders. He also created the drawings for Sorcelleries [Witchcraft] (Dargaud), which recounts the adventures of a fairy in the country of witches written by Teresa Valero. With Alain Ayrolles as the scriptwriter, he is now working on a new series by the name of Les Indes Fourbes [The Treacherous Indies] (Delcourt), which is set in the Spanish Golden Age and the New World. The exhibition will feature his first pencil sketches up to his completed drawings, and visitors can come and explore the fascinating universe of this famous contemporary author!

Exhibiton curator: Mélanie Andrieu



11h00 (FR / NL / EN)

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11h00 (FR / NL / EN)

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