ArtistTalk – Freddy Tsimba

Private: AfricaMuseum

On Sunday 1 November, Freddy Tsimba and In Koli Jean Bofane will discuss Freddy Tsimba’s work, his modus operandi and the themes that run through his work. Moderator is Ayoko Mensah. With your ticket you can also visit the temporary exhibition.

Partner(s) : Freddy Tsimba en Jean Bofane

Private: AfricaMuseum
Chaussée de Louvain 13, 3080 Tervuren

access for persons with reduced mobility

About the exhibition

MABELE ELEKI LOLA ! The earth, brighter than paradise

A visit to Mabele eleki lola ! The earth, brighter than paradise, is a special experience. The museum and artist Freddy Tsimba ventured into a meeting – a face-to-face encounter – between traditional objects gathered in this space and the works of the artist. In other words, the meeting of the ancestral memory contained in these pieces with the spirits conveyed by the artist’s creations from Kinshasa. The curator of the exhibition is the writer In Koli Jean Bofane. The title of the exhibition refers to the urgency of living here and now and to the resilience that the Congolese people show on a daily basis.




15h00 (FR)

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