Annulation COME♡BACK – New measures COVID-19

Following the latest announcements by the national committee on Friday, October 23 2020, with the aim of slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we are forced to cancel the activities planned in the museums between October 24 and November 8. We will contact all those who have bought a ticket by e-mail as soon as possible.


Thank you for your loyalty, take care, and see you later in one of our Brussels museums.


COME♡BACK : 4 days, 40 museums, 70 events

Performances, workshops, guided tours, children’s activities, extra muros walks, … All this 100% positive. COME♡BACK is not a vaccine yet, but let’s make it count as cultural remedy!


The Brussels’ museums are making their come♡back

The Brussels’museums are making their COME♡BACK with a long weekend of events to lighten up all moods.


From Thursday 1 to Sunday 4 October, artists and cultural organisations are taking over 40 Brussels museums to eclipse the gloom of 2020 and offer a programme that is 100% safe, comforting, relaxed and above all, po-si-tive!


With COME♡BACK, Brussels Museums wishes to offer a space of solidarity to artists and associations who do not or no longer have the opportunity to express themselves and perform as easily since 13 March. Through collaborations between museums and external artistic and event partners, COME♡BACK offers a unique multidisciplinary programme in each participating museum and a range of outdoor activities.


Upon reservation and in compliance with security measures, the museums become once again places of intimacy where you can escape for a few hours from the speed of everyday life and the turmoil of the coronavirus. To be expected? Some seventy different activities in intimate settings,: concerts, performances, meet-the-artists, mindfulness, wild aerobics, aerial silk, cyanotype workshops, animations for kids, sung guided tours, decolonial and feminist walks, and of course exhibitions. In short, enough to make a joyful comeback in a different way!


Many activities still take place after the launch weekend until November 8th!


Info and mandatory reservations via www.comeback.brussels

Join the Facebook event!


COME♡BACK: security measures covid-19

For all COME♡BACK events, museums are following the security measures recommended during the last Security Council to date!


Here are a few measures that you are asked to respect as of September 1:


  • Wearing a mask is mandatory
  • Respect of the hygiene rules (let’s wash our hands :- ))
  • Respect of the safety distances of 1.5 m. This distance of 1.5 m can be reduced to one meter (in the absence of fixed seats) or to one seat between each person or bubble.
  • Respect of the principle of restricted bubble (5 persons in addition to people from the same household).
  • Book your activities via this site.


Thank you for your efforts. Take care of yourself and the most fragile people.